Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The bottomless pit of Serbian narcissistic weepy self-pity

Serbian self-pity knows no bounds, often finding slight in the most innocuous things.  Serbs love feeling sorry for themselves, particularly those living in America whose ties to the Balkans have become tenuous.

Here's a good example.  Nebojša Malić, creepy American blogger who spends a lot of time explaining how the whole world is against Serbia and any suggestion that Serbia ever did anything wrong is part of a massive centuries-long mytho-poetic narrative that's been designed since time immemorial to humiliate Serbia because everyone's jealous - or something - explains again how everyone is insulting Serbia all the time.

Here he is crying about a report about how Novak Đoković, a Serbian tennis player, is donating his prize money to balkans flood victims.


somehow he extrudes from this factual, complimentary comment an insult to Serbia and Serbs everywhere.

Mental illness.