Thursday, April 10, 2014

A big THANK YOU to all my fans!

Man, am I ever starting to get a kick out of this blog, along with my friends back home especially.

Everyone back home is so amazed at the passion of some of the commentators.  Could you imagine someone writing a [country, city] sucks site about anywhere else in the world and anyone giving a rat's ass??!!  No one would.  LOL.  Imagine, "New York sucks!", "London sucks!".  No one would give a shit!  No one would get mad. No one would bother to comment.  They might agree or disagree or think "this guy is an idiot", but no one would bother to comment or get mad if they disagreed.

So, please, keep the furious comments coming.  I love them and will cherish them as a souvenir for years after I finally leave this dump.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NATO bombing - Serbia an innocent bystander, minding her own business.

Lots of posts on various blogs crying about the NATO bombing because of the 15-year anniversary.

Serbia is kind of like this guy who can't get over the fact that his girlfriend dumped him, moved out and called the cops.  Now, 15 years later, he sits around, underemployed in his squalid apartment crying about what an ingrate lying bitch his ex was, how she was better off when she was with him and how they'll be together again one day - maybe when the cops in charge of protecting her 24/7 decide that their job is over.

It's petty extortion season again.

Seems like around springtime every year the petty extortionists come out of the woodwork.

Every year I get about 2-3 extortion attempts, some serious, mostly just ridiculous.

Usually, it's someone I know who's decided that they can make a quick 20euros from me by either contriving some sort of nonsense reason why I owe them money or by stealing something of mine and asking for money, usually an amount ranging from 20-100 euros and, occasionally, in the 1000s

The annoying thing is, these little scumbag maneuvers always end up costing me more than the other person benefits.

What I mean is, if someone puts a gun to your head and robs you 20 euros, you lose 20 euros and they gain 20.

The Serbian variety of petty scumbaggery always results in me losing that the other person gains, especially if it involves stealing something and holding it hostage.  Ratio is from 1:100 to 1:5000 in terms of what the scumbag wants to how much I'm damaged.

It's always someone I know.  It's usually someone I considered a friend.

I literally can't know who I can trust here ever.

Call the police?  Oh ya... do that and the police will immediately open an investigation - on you!