Saturday, April 6, 2013


Common scenario in Serbia:

There's a bakery downtown (Toma) that has a separate pizza counter. Pizza is good, so there's usually a line-up of 5-6 people.

Pizza slice is 1.10 euros (equivalent in Serbian dinars)

Guy at the front of the line as a 2euro bill.

Girl behind the counter doesn't have change.

She harangues the customer for not having exact change.

She has to leave the pizza counter, wade through the people lining up at the other counter, beg her colleague to make change.  Colleague does reluctantly, complaining loudly every step of the way.   Pizza counter girl pushes her way back to the pizza counter, snapping at people to get out of her way and makes it behind the counter  (elapsed time, 3-4 minutes).  She returns the change and the next customer orders.

Next customer pays with a 2euro bill

She doesn't have change  :|


Friday, April 5, 2013

WELCOME Repats Serbia Facebook group visitors!


I'd forgotten about my blog.  Haven't posted in a year and now the comments notifications are rolling in.

Checked the stats page, and I see my forgotten blog has been linked from a Facebook group.  This private/public therapy of mine probably got more hits tonight than in the last 6 months.

Glad you're enjoying.  Keep the comments coming!

Maybe I'll write a few more posts to keep you guys happy.