Thursday, April 21, 2011

updating URL

I see some of my friends are coming here, now and then, to check for updates.

I'm considering changing the URL to a slightly less-aggressive

If suddenly you find this blog non-existent, try


  1. Please tell us that you're still angrily blogging away? I tried to no avail.

  2. he he. no. I haven't changed the title.

    I have a few in the pipeline.

    I'm not in Serbia currently and deciding whether I want to keep shitting on it or just forget about that god-forsaken dump

  3. You sound like an immature, ignorant twit. You're not even interesting in your misanthropy. Release your carbon to the universe.

  4. "I'm not in Serbia currently"

    That's wise, I mean why stay in a place and amongst a people you hate - do you want to give yourself ulcers or something?
    I think San Francisco will suit you with its very pro-gay atmosphere and people.

  5. on reflection, my current URL is more appropriate than the softer "serbian misadventure"

  6. Maybe the word 'hate' is too strong, but I agree wih some bad feelings you spread here.
    I'm almost in the same situation: I live here and really when people ask me 'how do you like Serbia', I'm quite unconfortable! I feel a lot of hypocrisy, agressivity and after a few years here with -supposed- progressive people, I can say that they don't like foreigners... at all.

    As long as you are a tourist, it's ok, and if you are in a relationship too, but as an average individual, social life is at its worst.
    I should add that it's ok if you are an alcoholic and you are looking only for cheap fun, but talking seriously to people brings out teriffiying states of mind!

    Plus, it changed a lot these last years: the good balkanic spirit (generosity, curiosity, hospitality) starts to be a legend, and on the other hand you can find here most of the western craps (Mac donalds, obsession with money combined to stingy behaviours etc). I have the feeling that Belgrade has the worst of both worlds.

    But contrary to you, I don't blame that much the bureaucratic system, the smokers or daily lost of time, and I don't like when foreigners are rude with people from here or make insensitive statements like 'the food is greasy / people are lazy / girls are vulgar'.
    I know that people of Belgrade do not like it and I understand, but when you adopt the most polite behaviour of the world, they very often treat you with the worst despite I've ever seen so ^^

    I heard this sentence once about here : 'me, myself and us', and it fits to my thoughts.
    Maybe I'm just wrong, but then I would like to change my mind asap.

    Anyway, your blog is your opinion and you have the right to write wathever you want, and even if I'm sometimes not pissed for the same reasons, thanks for the group-therapy :)

  7. When people ask you "how do you like Serbia", they're not asking you "how do you like Serbia", they're saying "Please confirm for me that there's something better about this place than elsewhere"

    They're basically being bad hosts when they ask this. It's a terrible burden to have to tell someone that they're shithole's not a shithole

  8. Doot, come back! In an ocean of feel-good, silly expat blogs, yours was the best. I have a special sympathy after my own years in the Balkans. Another post! Spread the hate!

    1. I agree, I hate all the 'positive' expat posts.

      IE: People writing the good, and what really bothers them about this country leaving it off to be politically correct and not to make any proud Serbs angry at them.