Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top 10 google searches that bring people to this blog

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  1. Maybe you should open up an escort agency :)

  2. Visit yuchan.org, its like 4chan only shittier and yugoslavia centered. Its a great place to blow off steam, freely argue with serbians and be as much of an autistic shitposter as you like! Great fun for the whole family!

  3. wow you must be really frustrated.

  4. hey man, u should post some new articles + also allow for guest posts!!!!!!!

  5. hey bro, greetings from a diaspora serb. everything you write is 100% true. i hope u will keep posting.... pozz

  6. dude why the hell aren't you updating your awesome blog???

    one thing that really pisses me off about this shitty country is their leniency against repeated crime caused by football "FANS"

    they let them get away with murder, they pardon them, they always have them get off easy, the cops don't do shit against them. and its never ending, like as if the government/cops/etc support hate, nationalism, and endorse xenophobia...

    2nd thing, the corruption - people here become cops to be corrupt legally - i know countless cops in my city, as im sure you do in yours that u can pay to provide custom services (shady or illegal) in addition, border guards who goto work, collect 10 euros from each afghan immigrant, and look the other way -- they say, the hungarian side will catch them anyway, so why not just get their money?

    the border between serbia/hungary is like a open one way road to hungary, serbian border guards are busy drinking their coffee + talking politics, and collecting their bribes, while the other side is busy catching everyone, as much as 150-200 people per night


  7. hey and I found u searching just blog serbia :) lol. I like yr therapy. I would like to have u on my coach :) just to hear this out nothing more :) me like it. I will add u to blog reads. You are better than any Croatian websites with local haters hahah :)

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