Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Clearly, you haven't read enough history

You can have as much of the following conversation as you like in Serbia:

Random Serb:  Belgrade is the centre of the earth!  It's at the crossroads of civilization.  Belgrade has had it's hard times, but it is about to reclaim it's rightful place as the financial, business, industrial, transportation and cultural centre of Europe, if not the world.

me:  huh?  Why do you think that?  Serbia has the worst economy in the region, average monthly wage is $400, it's infrastructure is ancient and crumbling, the people are lazy and incompetent, it's not really central to anything.

Random Serb:  Clearly, you haven't read enough history.

endless variations on that theme.

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Can also be:

anyone:  oh, look at this obvious and strange aspect about Serbia or the mentality of some Serbs.

random Serb:  clearly, you're not familiar enough with history (sometimes "geopolitics")


  1. Yes, it once was all these thing's but they do not think it is the centre of the Earth. When people, Serbians, imply this they mean within the ex-yu because they are of extremly similar language, cultur etc.

    Amercians always, and I mean ALWAYS say they are the centre of the world. Sure they have the largest economy but they are also one of the most hated nations in the world. They get involved with other nations politics, they get involved with wars they were never invited into and at the end, they are the best because they believed they solved the issue when in fact they made it that much worse.

    Americans can get over themselves. There are parts of the US with a lower poverty line than some African nations. I think it's about time Americans stop getting involved with everyone elses problems and focus' on their own and stop thinking so highly of themselves.

    1. dude, amongst the whole nonsense of your writing, only one word dominates your self-hatred speech: "America". There's some facts that your prejudiced ignorance didn't let you to realize, namely:

      FIRST: foreigners ARE NOT only from America, for there are 196 countries in this world (according to UN's charts), and inhabitants of the vast majority of those countries seem to deride Serbian's behavior like one.

      SECOND: your hypocritical loathing against the U.S. is nothing but pathetic. Your people preaches against America but are the most obsessive consumers of their pop culture. You adore their music, their movies, their clothing, even their trash food. I've never seen the kind of exhilaration that your people showed in the concerts of people like Madonna, Slash or Beyonce, and last time I checked they're among the most iconic representatives of American music, and you don't only like the good stuff but you also adore people like 50 Cent or alike, which even them Americans do consider it "the trash", you said you hate Americans and yet you're the most fanatic consumers of places like McDonald's, without considering that their hamburgers are very expensive compared to your income and probably the shittiest among the fast food industry (the fact is that people in America consider any McDonald's as a cheap/unhealthy option for a meal, where they certainly wouldn't take a date to have dinner), and in the meantime with the same money you could have a meal for 3 people in your local Pljeskavica stores, where you can have a hamburger which is actually fresh made, grilled at your request, tastes 10 times better!!!! and costs one third of the price of a Big Mac alone, which it all proves the gargantuan volume of stupidity that you and your people do possess.

      THIRD: you should stop blaming the west for your problems and your shitty lifestyle. Your delusional vision of the world won't let you understand that EVERYONE from the western world (which you call it 'Americans') do feel contempt in regards to your mentality, stupidity and humongous, envious, prejudiced mind. We all agree with Doot in this one: you haven't read enough history.

    2. "ya, but America sucks" isn't really a retort to anything I've said.

    3. FIRST: "The vast majority of the world seems to deride Serbia/Serbs like one" (I"m guessing you meant to say "as one". And I'm also guessing you might be a little miffed by the end of this post at the realisation that my written English is vastly superior to yours...even though you claim to be a native English speaker). OK, so let me just start by saying that if pulling random shit out of your ass was a sport, I'd be replying to an undisputed world No.1! Yeah, the wast majority of the world hates us, and not the USA.....that's why Kosovo (despite simply OVERWHELMING pressure from the colonial/neo-colonial west) will NEVER, EVER, EVER be a member of the UN. That's why Obummer just had to take a sit down after trying to colonise YET ANOTHER soverign country, i.e. Syria, cos the world said enough is enough you immoral murderous filth. Seriously, on this point alone I could write a book demonstrating how much this planet has had enough of North American and Western European colonialism. Of course I forget that when you say "international community" you're basically using the "royal" we. The fact that you make up <10% of this world's population matters not. It's about who's pillaged and plundered the most that defines greatness in your convoluted morality. So yes, if you mean that we're hatted by the "international community" made up solely of fascist slave owning colonialist scum, then we Serbs proudly carry that distinction as a badge of honour.

      SECOND: With this one you're entering the surreal. Everyone on this planet consumes American "culture" not because it's any good, but because the Americans have a behemoth of a propaganda machine which, when employed together with outright economic terrorism (in the shape of being able to print AT WILL what is effectively world's reserve currency), can of course yield only one result: a certain impression on the minds of those not old enough to have minds of their own. In other words, if you look at Beyonce's/JLo's etc. concert you will notice that the mean age was probably well bellow 18, if not 15. Having said that, Beyonce had 20 000 spectators in Serbia, whereas someone like Ceca (no, I wouldn't ever consider going to her concert) can fill Marakana with around 90 000 people. So yes, provided we're given the choice, of course we prefer our products. However you've made as sure as possible that we aren't given the choice. And now comes a link you'll particularly enjoy:
      Firstly, this is of course telling us something we knew all along. Secondly, it is an admission from just one (senior) operative of just one western agency. I wonder the stories people inside MI6 might have to tell (maybe you can look up David Shayler;), or even the BND...And the actions of DGSE are an open book now, thanks to the testimonies of their operative Jugoslav Petrušić Dominique. In fact, it is an open secret that Belgrade is the new Berlin, with over 50 world intel agencies having a major presence there since 1990. So the moral of the story is: GET THE FUCK OF OUR BACKS, and (very much like the rest of this planet) we probably won't remember your name, let alone feel the urge to "obsessively consume American culture". Stop bombing us, occupying our land, employing economic terrorism and you'll see how quickly the desire to consume anything you have to offer will simply wane. Talking of obsessively consuming someone's creations, wouldn't it have been wonderful if you wrote your comment while refraining to use any of the inventions of just one humble Serb. Oh wait....that would be FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE!

    4. THIRD: My reply to this point is closely related to "SECOND", so I guess it just remains for me to say that you're right. We are our own problem. If only we would stop bombing you, if only we would stop trying to occupy Pitssburg, or New York or some other such shit hole, if only we didn't keep sending our intelligence agencies to undermine you in any and every way imaginable, if only we stopped doing all that maybe, just maybe we could stop being the thorn in our own back side.

      And as far as the moron who's actually publishing this blog....
      -yes we do have the best nightlife in Europe, possibly the planet. The reviews by random unaffiliated tourists are unequivocal: we Serbs more than know how to party.
      -yes, we do on average have the most beautiful women on the planet. The true foreigners who visit serbia are once again unequivocal in their writings.
      -yes, we do have an illustrious and heroic history littered with incidents of having beaten unsurmountable odds to obtain victory. (The most recent of course is when the largest armada ever amassed in 1999 managed to destroy less than 10 tanks and personnel carriers in 78 days of merciless and practically unopposed air bombardment of our country. They were however much more successful at murdering civilians, bombing TV stations, embassies etc)
      -yes, for such a small nation we have contributed to the advancement of this world immensely. (I refer you to above where I wonder how Dan would post his reply here without the use of inventions of just one Serb.)
      -And yes, we do consistently achieve results well above the expectations for such a small and constantly occupied nation. For example, do you think it's normal or usual to have the excellent sporting results we have, when your whole population numbers less than just one of the major western cities such as London, Paris or New York?
      -so yes, unfortunately we are and have been for a long while very much the centre of the world weather we, or you, like it or not. I think the essence of your issue with Serbia can be summed up best by the old Serbian saying "poturica uvek gori od turčina". Cos "north-american" (as you've presented yourself here) you're clearly not. They simply wouldn't be bothered or frustrated so with the idiosyncrasies of Serbia or it's people. And they certainly wouldn't display such passion in venting their frustrations. Cos lets face it, we all know they're wet fucking fish. That's right, you're clearly one of us, but the fact that you have been estranged from the language and culture is causing a dichotomy inside you. No need to despair, this can be resolved. But not before you truly immerse yourself, firstly, in the language, and subsequently, in the culture itself. Ćaos;)

    5. woa. lots of commenting today.

      Thanks for visiting and I'm glad you enjoyed my blog!

    6. And I'm glad you've enjoyed all my commenting;)

    7. hahaaaaaaah...hey 'Anonymous', you made my day dude..I'd just say a few things:

      FIRST: this is just a blog, it's nothing personal, just strictly business dude.. don't take it personal.. it's certainly not good for your rakia drinking high blood pressure.. just sayin' Lol :p

      SECOND: why do you feel so offended?, are you one of the bunch of those serbian animals who are squandering the land and natural resources you were so splendidly granted by mother nature? ...because if you were not, you should be ashamed to try to defend your shabby hole someone said earlier in this blog "you're just a bittered little Serb who's feeling offended and affected by the irksome sounds of reality being told by a westerner, civilized human being."

      THIRD: who "presented oneself as north-american"?? ...girl, you've got such a fixation against America so bad that you truly consider every foreigner an "Američki kurvin sin". Just for your own edification ain't "north-american", quite remotely far from there and I don't even need a visa to enter there in fact; but whereas IT IS TRUE that your whole country is soldered with hypocrisy against America while being the most obsessive consumers of pop culture in the balkans, IT IS NOT TRUE that you don't have a choice.. or let me rephrase this: you DO have a choice, wherefore if you're so loudly chanting against America, simply stop with the consuming, be honest to your so called "principles" (AKA bullcrap) and cut the crap. Tačka. Besides, why do you hate them so much LOL!?! Did they refuse your petition of a tourist visa? ..oh poor little serbian girl, I'm feeling it for youLOL!!!

      FINALLY: you sound more like a sexually unfulfilled whining serbian female, are you?? :p ...aaaha! I knew it! thoughts are with you in your life lasting minute of pain and sexual endurance because I understand that between so much rakia drinking and chauvinistic serbian babbling, your men are completely unable to get the job done.. tip: sexual dissatisfaction is such a huge source of stress Lol :p ...I feel so sympathetic with you until the point that I'm willing to grant you a simple solution: get laid with a westerner!! we go straight down to business (time is money kind of thing) and we'll just beat the fuck out of you instead of just driveling about it (like serbian males do) me, that would be one bombing you will be very happy to have received!

    8. Hey Dan, you are ignorant retard that doesnt know why those resources arent used and that is only a tip of ice berg.
      Learn what those words liekchauvinism means, you stupid western fucktard. Aaaha!

    9. Interesting neologism. If I understand it correctly, your google page is a shining example

  2. Ya, but Serbs invented the fork.

    1. Doot, you've got that one right, serbs invented the fork LMAO!!

  3. I kid you not but there's a lot of made up BS being thought to high school kids (untrue "HISTORY"). Wikipedia would disagree (but then again, wikipedia is western, american propaganda machine!! LOL)

    Is the government feeding propaganda like North Korea to the kids? Things that make you go hmmmm