Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"How do you like Serbia?"

It's probably an innocent question that I'm sure foreigners get asked in any country.  I shouldn't fault people for asking me.  It's really just a making-conversation thing, mostly.

But, since I have Serbian roots, people really need me to tell them that I love it.  They look up to me when they ask me why I have "returned" to my homeland.  Telling them it's to exploit cheap labour and to make money in the cracks of a broken system usually doesn't end well.

I know the right answer is to smile and say, "nice nice"

I just can't do it.

That's, basically, the purpose of this blog.  I'm going to dump all my hate into here, and when some Serb asks me how I like Belgrade, I'll be able to smile and say, with a modicum of convincingly contrived sincerity, "nice nice"


  1. hey man im in the same boat as u
    born here
    grew up in canada
    moved back

    email me

    1. hah, you mean deported back! usually any bs crime will get you kicked out. got caught with pot? beat the shit outta someone? never filed your papers? only a fool leaves a country that is a british commonwealth with great salaries, free healthcare and a north american trade agreement.

      serbia was great for visiting. the food was amazing. the air and scenery was spectacular! everything was cheap as shit. but i'd never live there. mostly because i have to relearn the language that i mostly forgot. that and the fact they cant afford to pay me the same salary that i've been making if there are even any jobs available.

    2. Not necessarily true. Sometimes people don't integrate well and move back. I can think of a few examples from people I've met.